Our Wedding Day

It’s hard to believe that one month ago we were on this day preparing to get married! We cherish every moment of that time…and reflect on the joy and love of it often…

When planning this event, every little detail, as in any wedding, became important. We’ve both planned many, many events before, but this one was on a compressed timeline, so decisions and commitments had to be made fast. The decision to get married soon, versus later, and finding an elopement package were the first step. And at this point, we started calling it the anti-elopement, as we realized we could not do this day alone, nor in our hearts, did we really wish to do so.

Quick phone calls and emails went out, confirmations were a day turn-around, guests booked flights and at the Inns, and we were on our way– keeping to the promise we made, that this was to be a small gathering, where we felt we could have the personal, intimate weekend we desired. It was difficult to do that, and hard to keep quiet, but the results were fantastic and we couldn’t have done it any other way for us.

Our day was amazing, but we never could have imagined, with all the planning we did, that the site- we never saw together before and discovered the specific spot in Berwick Park at the morning of our wedding, the Seven Gables Inn-we booked after only seeing online, and the team– we placed trust in all hired by our elopement coordinator from Blue Sky Elopements, could all turn out to create this magical, dreamy, fairy tale by the ocean experience.

I felt like Cinderella and Michael was certainly my Prince Charming. Our court was filled with love and support, with each person having a role that we, or they, could not have anticipated either. And those roles were incredibly important to us, beginning with the planning all the way to the arrivals, and through the day of…

Our day came together absolutely beautifully, and we are thankful to God that we were so very blessed.

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One thought on “Our Wedding Day

  1. Can’t even begin to express my love
    The most wonderful wedding
    Thank you so much for allowing me (not out of choice) to share that day
    Love you both so much
    Donna 💕

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