Loving Mother, a Bright Shining Light to Family, Friends and All Who Knew Her

It is with my heartfelt sadness to share with you that Michael’s dear mom, Stephenie Marie Pelfini passed away on Thanksgiving, November 24th, 2016. We were with Mom at her bedside when she took her last breath. It was a beautiful experience.

Stephenie was a true light in life, she loved her life and her family and friends, travelled the world, and was an energetic soul who always brought her own happiness to everyone and anyone who knew her.

We were so very fortunate with the gift of her in our lives and being a part of our wedding was so very important to her- we had both of our mothers sign the marriage certificate. We were truly blessed on that day with her in attendance. She celebrated with us and couldn’t be happier that her son had found the love he was seeking. I couldn’t have asked for a better mother-in-law who I shared a kindred spirit with.

Honoring her life has been the greatest responsibility of love we’ve had together.  Join us visiting her online memorial—  Stephenie’s services and Life Celebration information are found here. (Thursday December 1 and Friday December 2).

As a part of celebrating her life, we are asking friends to share memories of her on her memorial website, and also, as she held cards dear to her, to share a memory of her in a note and pop it in the mail, so Michael can have an ongoing memory of her. During services, the many cards she had in her home ready to send out at a moments notice, will be available and addressed to our home to easily mail.

We appreciate your love, prayers and sharing your memories of Stephenie with us, during this difficult time, and for the months and years to come, as each Thanksgiving we will remember her in a very special way, but every day, she lives on in our lives.

One thought on “Loving Mother, a Bright Shining Light to Family, Friends and All Who Knew Her

  1. Beautiful sentiments remembering a special lady whom I had the pleasure to spend memorable times with. I considered Stephanie a great friend. I will miss her smile.

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