Winter Wonderland Wedding Party 12/26/16

What a year for growth 2016 was for our families. We added new family members with a new niece, Olivia, born at the end of May, and a new nephew Hunter and sister-in-law Melissa in October when my brother was married in Palm Harbor, Florida. And of course a new brother-in-law with Michael. It’s an exciting time to see our family grow!

We all reunited at Christmas to share our wedding experiences with our families and friends to celebrate in Ohio. Michael’s family was able to join the party as well with family in attendance from both Ohio and in making the trip to see us from Pennsylvania. It was a fabulous day of laughs and reunions. Besides lovely cake, we had incredible local faire food with plenty of Polish, Italian and Czech classics to eat. We also had some major laughs and moments of glee with a “white elephant” exchange, where the $5 or less gifts went the range of a lava lamp, to drinking straw glasses, to toilet paper and everything cute and fun in between. Ah you gotta love the humor in our family…

Family and friends pitched in to help and host – and the results were a very special evening. Not many times in our lives we get the joy of having most of the family in the room. For this day, and this reason, it was a very special occasion! We only wish we had more time. It was a true blessing to be with everyone.

On the behalf of all of us (Michael, myself, Philip and Melissa and the Houdek family) thank you for being a part of our journey!

Photos courtesy of Tamara Koski.

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Video of fun “white elephant” gift exchange!

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