Sim! in Portugal

After two years together Michael and I decided to take an international trip and have some real adventure. We were seeking a coastal destination where we could explore, relax and experience the tastes and cultures of a new place and we wanted to feel like locals as much as possible. Michael and I always find the best places off the beaten path. Within no time I had (as it later turned out) booked the perfect spot at the Vila Gale Collection Palacio Dos Arcos– in the lovely town of Paco de Arcos- an easy 15 minute train ride into Lisbon with beaches and views. Oh my! We were in for such a treat that surpassed our expectations. Portugal was a complete delight and we can’t wait to go back. Little did I know that the resort would hold forever the memory of our magical engagement.

During our trip, Portugal won the soccer/futbol semi-finals (on the night of our engagement). And when we were on our way home, on our layover, we watched Portugal win the finals against France, making history! We are convinced that we had something to do with it and helped them to win (after all the Cavs won when we attended the NBA finals game)!

Below is a short story of our Portugal trip, a lovely country and people. Obrigado Portugal! We will return… If you want any tips please reach out to us!