We Do

We needed to create this site before we got married to have a place to share our news. As we write this, it’s 98.5% planned and we are both so very excited for this day to arrive! Just today we picked out our rings and ordered the announcements that ultimately brought you to our site. We pulled the entire event together in a few weeks, more or less! We had some help. You know who you are and we are so grateful for you!

We initially discussed eloping, just the two of us. But we felt that would be a loss for both of us, to not have family to support us. So we picked a place where neither of us had stayed before and quickly created a destination wedding to remember. At this time in our life, we are focused on spending quality time with the people we love and we thought it would be more meaningful to have a very small ceremony and continue to celebrate along the way as we see our family and close friends throughout the year, than to have one big costly day, that would stress both of us in planning. So we simplified- sorta. I don’t think we missed any details in the simplification! We were thoughtful in wanting to be sure we shared our news appropriately, as we realize that a wedding is also for everyone who loves you. That’s why we put together this site.

“When you meet the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you want the rest of your life to start right now.” —Harry to Sally from When Harry Met Sally

And that was how we decided on what we should do (no need to wait), the date (we already had time off for vacation), the location (would be new to both of us and by the ocean) and what we wanted it to be like (a beautiful weekend sharing love).